Already having an eye for graphic design, creative direction and videography/photography in 1997 I decided to take my skill set to the digital canvas for use on the world-wide-web. Starting from my very first e-commerce website, a gift basket company in which I designed, developed, launched, filmed, photographed, marketed, advertised and managed I realized that the web was an ever-evolving universe of technology, great ideas, and visions needing to be turned into realities.

Wanting to be apart of what was yet to come, I began to steer my interest toward storytelling using videography on social media as a vehicle for brands to tell capture the hearts and minds of their following through cinematic shorts.

Along with excellent communication skills, great working personality, strong desire to succeed and a ton of creativity, I have enjoyed many accomplishments personally and professionally. I look forward to working with a visionary team who is ready to reach new horizons while making their dreams realities.

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Donna Perry

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